Lisa Kolmakova

Lisa Kolmakova is a Russian hair and makeup artist based in Toronto, Ontario. After completing 6 years of art school and working for 2 years as a graphic designer, Lisa received her diploma for Makeup for Media and Creative Arts from Sheridan College. This along with various experiences in the areas of fashion, advertising, and marketing has enabled. 

Lisa to emerge as a skillful hair and makeup artist who is able to work in a variety of sub sectors within the creative industry. Lisa brings professionalism to set that can only be found among those who sincerely love the work they create, leading to a determination to maximize the satisfaction of each of her clients. 

With a combination of her hair and makeup artistry skills, Lisa is able to perfect any look desired while being able to individualize the appearance of each person by working with their natural beauty. Lisa often finds inspiration through nature, visual art, and creative people. While also being influenced by her travels and experiences with different cultures. Her professionalism and creative contribution can be an excellent feature to any team. 

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